“The Usual” – Nayana Nair

Sure I don’t feel hollow for the every minute we don’t speak. Sure I don’t wait for your messages when I am with friends. And I don’t feel weak even when your anger breaks my back and your love breaks my heart. You told me something was wrong with me and this is not howContinue reading ““The Usual” – Nayana Nair”

“Reckless” – Nayana Nair

I always told myself that I am doing something wrong if I do not ask myself hundred question about my own intent and about my own ability to face the result of what I was doing. In my bouts of recklessness I may have done a lot of things that I regret but that areContinue reading ““Reckless” – Nayana Nair”

“No Plans” – Nayana Nair

She looks at the clock. The time tells in 4 hours her husband has to leave, she woke up too soon. She wakes up and looks at the clock again. In 20 minutes he will need his daily tea, he sounds bitter all day if it is not the first thing he sees. She willContinue reading ““No Plans” – Nayana Nair”

“Blue Sunsets” – Nayana Nair

There is a blue tinted haze to the memories of you, that have a habit of changing colors, of disintegrating, before get to grasp them. I have lost many words. I have forgotten words you once said and now a silent motion picture runs in my head, where your eyes question me, why I doContinue reading ““Blue Sunsets” – Nayana Nair”

“Sleep” -Nayana Nair

It has been ages since I wanted to sleep. I feel tired and exhausted. I feel an urge to dip myself in cold cold water. So I could get rid of this heaviness in my soul. I feel like running and crying and cursing and speaking all the stuff that make no sense. I doContinue reading ““Sleep” -Nayana Nair”