“Worse than Imperfect” – Nayana Nair

You were the most imperfect person I ever metand have made me believe that I am worse. Or maybe I saw too much of you.so muchthat you made me feel sick of you,sick of myself, and sick of whatever they call love. You stumbled aroundwalking over my feelings,drunk on your pride and your sense ofContinue reading ““Worse than Imperfect” – Nayana Nair”

“My place in this cruel landscape” – Nayana Nair

when i stood in front of the respected uncaring adultswho could never see me, beside the fickle-minded fun-seeking friendswho smoked ‘idgaf attitude’ every night, holding the handsof the demanding demeaning frightening voiceof the one i wanted to love,the one i almost loved, i knew how to smile.i knew how to let them off the hook.iContinue reading ““My place in this cruel landscape” – Nayana Nair”