“Anomaly of the Art Class” – Nayana Nair

I row my heartto the moon you drew,the one you colored in greenignoring every reality,for which you got an D,for which I lost a part of me. I no longer hold onto the poems filled with dread-dread of rejection, of future, of finding myself eventually broken.I see something that you have left behind in me.SomethingContinue reading ““Anomaly of the Art Class” – Nayana Nair”


( Image taken from weheartit.com) On the way to the library, We both giggled as we talk, When everyone was ahead in a hurry, You stayed back with me and slowly we walk  . Here at this moment I want That this walk, this path would never end, But I’d wish You’d stop sacrificing youContinue reading “AND SLOWLY WE WALK”- Nayana Nair.”