“everything else” – Nayana Nair

“warm”this word has become coldsitting at the base of my throatmy throat burnsand my everything else?my everything else-my pretty flesh and my ugly insides-who want me to be thereand at the same want me gone.i guess they want me to change.this is my new lowwhere my organs are my imaginary friendsthe only ones I canContinue reading ““everything else” – Nayana Nair”

“about” – Nayana Nair

about…the breaking reflections in my running blood streamthe low lying and slow dying branches of my thoughtsthe disappearing light and the terrifying and liberating heartbeatabout…words, your wordsthat i breathe in my lungsto try and hear and fail to see what you feel, what you meansince my ears are of no useas they are still filledContinue reading ““about” – Nayana Nair”