“Half-Hearted” – Nayana Nair

And every morning I hear wind, I hear birds,I hear children play around in me.I am filling myselfwith everything that reminds me of what I really am.I let my heart do what it wants, my heart wants no part in this remaking of me.It starts it’s days praying for your returnand goes to sleep, thankfulContinue reading ““Half-Hearted” – Nayana Nair”

“Wish List” – Nayana Nair

what do i want? snapshots of food i can’t eat? GIFs and videos to forward? people to gossip about? people to gossip to? friends? false sense of confidence? a filter for my mouth? a switch to put my heart to death? a reality check (altered to suit my expectation)? amnesia? counselling sessions? one more funContinue reading ““Wish List” – Nayana Nair”