“moodboard” – Nayana Nair

here.the buildings and their makeshift purpose,the liquid tar evaporating and raining down,the birds that resurrect only for a day,the menu written, re-writtenwith tastes i find strange,the ceremonies of 3 meals and 1000 snacksand casual friends,the wishlist, the moodboardsthat I have no heart in.herethis all there is.hereeverything is overwhelmingand still not enough.

“Menu” – Nayana Nair

My lover, you gave me sweet words, so many, so much that I thought it can cloud my sour heart. But as you retire into the backdrop of everyday life, all that you promised seems more unreal. Another thing to wait for. I am not good at waiting. But I am good at thinking andContinue reading ““Menu” – Nayana Nair”