“maybe once” – Nayana Nair

his name doesn’t feel like a dying world now.once,maybe onceblue was his favorite word,i was his favorite person thing medicine game hopebut now that he is burning all his notebooksi believe life is getting better for him.he paints skies for me, paints me flowersthat have never known cold.once,maybe oncei could let myself rest in himbutContinue reading ““maybe once” – Nayana Nair”

“mornings break us apart again” – Nayana Nair

she traced the light on my chestpulled out everything that stung-the swings, my feet,the shadow i decided no longer to play with. the comparision table of veins and arteriescopied into my notebook.the eraser and pencil that helped me documentin those tables my lackings compared to everyone else. a page torn, and then another, and thenContinue reading ““mornings break us apart again” – Nayana Nair”