“What I Remember (27)” – Nayana Nair

i think this suits me most-to lose myselfand yet look okay.god gave me a face that always looks okayeven when i don’t want it to.(there have been only handful of dayswhen i want to look as miserable i am.) i wonder how it feelsto say“do i look broken today yet?“i cried all night”.i have neverContinue reading ““What I Remember (27)” – Nayana Nair”

“i am so fond of you” – Nayana Nair

as you melt your heart into oceansi fear my arms betray me sometimes,sometimes they go numb,they surrender at the thought of your warmth.when you tell me of your loveas i ache for another,i want a part of me to ache for you as well.when you settle for being my comfort rather than my love,i wishContinue reading ““i am so fond of you” – Nayana Nair”

“What I Remember (17)” – Nayana Nair

those who spent their liveswrecking their hands to mould me into something better,tried fruitlessly to break me without pain,to break me and make me into somethingthat would be accepted by this world.they showered me with love so i won’t know, won’t remember how much it pained me or how much it hurt themto have giftedContinue reading ““What I Remember (17)” – Nayana Nair”

“Hint” – Nayana Nair

Once I could call you, call your name without reason , without the anxiousness that now haunts me when the phone keeps ringing or when you stay silent as you wait for me to take the hint. -oOo- I am afraid of bringing up my own name in front of you. I am afraid toContinue reading ““Hint” – Nayana Nair”

“Not Cool” – Nayana Nair

Yesterday I sat myself through a video of jokes then another and then another,till I found nothing funny,till I had to stop because I was almost at the verge of taking things too seriously,at the risk of being offended on behalf of someone else.And no, being offended is not cool anymore. -x- I don’t wantContinue reading ““Not Cool” – Nayana Nair”

“Cycles of Waiting”- Nayana Nair

Your hand that touch me only when I am asleep. Your memories that only surface when I have been flooded beyond the hope of any saving. The cycles of waiting- a wait for the numbness, a wait for the feelings that have left, a wait that I cannot admit is for you. But this waitContinue reading ““Cycles of Waiting”- Nayana Nair”

“What went wrong” – Nayana Nair

Let us not delve into the question of what went wrong. I have loved heartache even as I was trying to run away from it. I have missed the mess my life was when I was granted the calm that I begged for. Everything I wanted could never soothe my wounds. Everything I have lovedContinue reading ““What went wrong” – Nayana Nair”

“More or Less” – Nayana Nair

It was more or less like waiting Only there was no excuse of distance between them Though they walked hand-in-hand, they knew this was not all they could be. Just like noises of traffic merging in the call of birds. They knew the love they want and the love they have was not so muchContinue reading ““More or Less” – Nayana Nair”

“Only Way” -Nayana Nair

To hurt each other was all we knew The only way we could love We couldn’t stop We couldn’t think Until there was no ‘us’ to hurt. Till we could only feel pain at each other’s sight Till we became numb to everything but insults and fight It leaves me wondering if ‘too much love’Continue reading ““Only Way” -Nayana Nair”