“Sitting across another spring” – Nayana Nair

Spring and loveare running around in a circlein my mind.My mind and its gray backdropdie with a soft giggle.The sky rains a gentle voicesaying my name on repeat.A voice I pretend not to knowrings like a telephone in my roomas I stare at it from my bed. Spring and loveare in my life againand allContinue reading ““Sitting across another spring” – Nayana Nair”

“Whatever Blooms in Darkness” – Nayana Nair

When all things that are not divinefound a home in me,I realized they would probablybe the only friends I ever make.I read up many books and considered taking up some mildly destructive and slightly disturbing hobbies,so that I could know them better.So I could become someone they could accept.I looked for a teacher who couldContinue reading ““Whatever Blooms in Darkness” – Nayana Nair”