“Fading Heaven” – Nayana Nair

You asked “Is this what becomes of love? When this star falls and loses it’s distance, when it loses it’s light does it become nothing more than a stone to be kicked around?” I knew better than to tell you that the stars do not care for such trivial things as our love, that theContinue reading ““Fading Heaven” – Nayana Nair”

How our bodies feel

All of us remember all the ways our bodies have felt small and vulnerable, open to destruction—like they are not ours at all, but objects for which we have to always be on the defensive, apologetic, abstractly and consistently afraid. – Why I Wanted to Write About Anger, Lynn Steger Strong

“Hopeless Wishes” – Nayana Nair

Our hearts are perpetually suspended in a time that flows around us. And our ghosts pin us to our sins, while we yearn to be the person we were a second ago. Though our heart are full of ashes and smoke of loves we have burned with us. We still hopelessly wish to be withContinue reading ““Hopeless Wishes” – Nayana Nair”