“What I Remember (29)” – Nayana Nair

At a bus stand in front of mall (that I have never been to)I learnt how to wait and how to live with disappointmentswithout making a big deal of it. In the bracket of an hour, I grew smaller than I ever thought I could be.“this is what love does to you, this is whatContinue reading ““What I Remember (29)” – Nayana Nair”

“I dream of an end” – Nayana Nair

there is a land of promisethat only promises an end.end to everything.a painless but a sure end. i wondered if i should dream to be there.if i would be able to say this aloudif i can say,”i dream of an end”.if you ask “end to what?”what shall i say? what i should i answer?how doesContinue reading ““I dream of an end” – Nayana Nair”