“for a tomorrow without you” – Nayana Nair

i dream of another now. i choose faces cautiously. i choose people who do not remind me of you, who cannot turn into you. but sometimes i end up falling in the traps that you have left around and i end up wanting you again. i end up paying people in love and skin justContinue reading ““for a tomorrow without you” – Nayana Nair”

“Ready to Break” – Nayana Nair

We are the mediocre television soapthat no one wants to see.We have learned to gulp down bland food, bland life.The books that get us jobs, get us friends, gets us love, we have learned to pay for it without bitterness. We adore the mania, the depression,the moments when we don’t want to think clear-that makesContinue reading ““Ready to Break” – Nayana Nair”