“You are more than love” – Nayana Nair

Thank you for seeing my rough and the jagged mind, blood running down my arm, hope running out of my eyes. – Thank you for trying and for telling me when you couldn’t try anymore. You have made me feel that I also deserve decent goodbyes. – You cannot love me. I could have lovedContinue reading ““You are more than love” – Nayana Nair”

“Running Stream” – Nayana Nair

My hope waits for the day that this skin won’t alien, like a loss, like a counter running out of number like our voices running out of things to say. *** And my wishes for a gentler nature, or to be that cool-headed person I once read about, or to be the running stream ofContinue reading ““Running Stream” – Nayana Nair”

Tailoring Myself

I was running from myself, trying to be someone different for each person of importance in my life, tailoring myself to their needs, choosing personas to inhabit and abandon, wearing masks that only obscured my own desires and the gravity of my choices. I was code-switching for the hell of it, without much purpose butContinue reading “Tailoring Myself”

“Too late to care” – Nayana Nair

There are moments of indifference that once piled up seems more than the years I have lived. There are too many memories where I cannot see anyone but myself running around in a dark cave afraid of everything I bump into. Not knowing that even if I shout if anyone would hear, sometimes fearful ofContinue reading ““Too late to care” – Nayana Nair”

“Flowers, skies and me” – Nayana Nair

I place myself in the center of room as you panic to pack up your stuff, being careful that nothing is left behind. There are flowers growing in the corners of the room that ask you to stay. There are green skies that we painted. There are flaws your and mine that decorate this wall.Continue reading ““Flowers, skies and me” – Nayana Nair”