“Born Like This” – Nayana Nair

“i was born like this”, I lie,when I really want to say “the normal ones, the sane onesare surprisingly excellent at breaking anyone without any guilt whatsoever. i no longer have strengthto leave them, or beg them,or handle the repercussion of wanting them. i fear them only when i crythough i am not exactly sureContinue reading ““Born Like This” – Nayana Nair”

“Hello?” – Nayana Nair

hello?can you help me?can you tell me which way to go,which part of me to burnto reach the dumping groundwhere lay all the skins that humans have ever shed? i have been living in my dreams for quite some time,where i am the old-mesurrounded by my old-family, old-friends, old-strangers. dreams that i can no longerContinue reading ““Hello?” – Nayana Nair”