“Random Radio” – Nayana Nair

Don’t tell me of your love.Tell me you’ll leave tomorrowand stay a day more.Move an inch closerwhen I take your name.Let me not believe you sometimesand smile when I do.I don’t want love,but I will try to want it,if you try to want me slowly and cautiously.When you put on that random radio stationlet meContinue reading ““Random Radio” – Nayana Nair”

“some sort of attachment, if not love” – Nayana Nair

A new announcer has replaced the old one.The one with the shrill voice is too tired or too sad to continue, I guess.This new one, she sounds more like my type.She seems like the one who will define my types.I am so thankful she is not the one who tells me to go back toContinue reading ““some sort of attachment, if not love” – Nayana Nair”