“After All” – Nayana Nair

When I am tempted to forgetto stop walking away from you, to return,to shed a few tears if it can get me your love.I remind myselfagain and againchoking on my wordsthat won’t kill me after all. “I am not what he wants.”“I am not what he wants.”

“Dripping Doubts” – Nayana Nair

This loud and constant dripping of doubtsis this all I need to mute, to mask,the voices of people who have known me too less,who have loved me more than they needed to. . . . I am filled with fear, tempted to run awaywhen they make sacrifices for my happiness,to stay by my side.I knowContinue reading ““Dripping Doubts” – Nayana Nair”

“Part and Parcel” – Nayana Nair

That day when it rained of bruised and dying birds of feathers marked with colors only an arrogant and confident cruelty can cause, everyone looked about for an umbrella to protect themselves from this vision that they didn’t want to witness. This was not the historic moment that they wanted to be part of. IContinue reading ““Part and Parcel” – Nayana Nair”