“What I Remember (14)” – Nayana Nair

LOVE IS … hiding my smile when you walk towards metalking your name, just because i can(just to make sure that i can).feeling like a child when you call my name back.interrupting the meaningful silence with pointless debates, pretending to sulk, acting cute,being happy to act like idiots for once.wasting away time,walking towards nowherebecause thatContinue reading ““What I Remember (14)” – Nayana Nair”

“We are stronger than we think” – Nayana Nair

“We are stronger than we think.” I always avoid saying such nonsense. I have always hated words that have no meaning , no real sympathy, words that almost sound like: “shut up! stop crying! we have had enough. don’t make the atmosphere so depressing. we can’t help it. you can’t either. why bring up suchContinue reading ““We are stronger than we think” – Nayana Nair”