“As the fire dies out” – Nayana Nair

After a long time, I feel like walking towards the calm unknown.The wildness in me that I had thrown away,is waiting for me.They were always waitingto tell me all the gossips of stars and fishes,how lost and alone they both feltto know that blue they had in commonwere totally different worlds. The clothes that madeContinue reading ““As the fire dies out” – Nayana Nair”

“Having All” – Nayana Nair

Since the broken have got their share of songs,now let us grieve for the ones who are complete.who have got more than they wanted,and have too much in their hands.Who walk with a loneliness similar to the ones who were deprivedjust without the right to complain or take pity on themselves. . . . MaybeContinue reading ““Having All” – Nayana Nair”

“Closer to Me” – Nayana Nair

Now the dark corners are the only safe place remaining. The loveless days are the only memory where we can rest where we can hide from all the passion that we wished for, all the feelings we couldn’t handle. You once wrote to me about the night that hung as a curtain over your window,Continue reading ““Closer to Me” – Nayana Nair”

“What is it like?” – Nayana Nair

I have not known what it is like to stop looking for ways to prove people and their minds as the root of my the problems. What is it like to stop hurting others, thinking everyone out there has something against me. What it is to undo the harm of many many hands. What isContinue reading ““What is it like?” – Nayana Nair”