“Collecting Myself” – Nayana Nair

These four walls that cuts us off from the worldputs me again in that same position that I dread.My weakness that I once thought I had cast awayis holding onto my fingers again.If only the world had not abandoned me here with you.I could have found some comfort in its words-“you are worth better” orContinue reading ““Collecting Myself” – Nayana Nair”

“Version” – Nayana Nair

Sometimes the hatred, the bias that people around him smoked sticks to his clothes, his skin, his tongue when I come near him. He can wash it from himself with a sleep. He can leave it at the door, when he steps in. But I can’t wash it out of my mind. In my mindContinue reading ““Version” – Nayana Nair”

“Pocket” – Nayana Nair

There are pockets in my shirt where I occasionally find some money I forgot to spend, some scribbled paper which seemed important but was not. I find ghost of your hands, your fingerprints, that I forgot to wash away.