“The eyes of my mother” – Nayana Nair

I planted the idea of a happy family,a happy tomorrow,into the eyes of my motherwith breaking tips of my pencilsagainst her granite eye lashes. I told her the story about the boywho is ever so sadbecause his parents didn’t care enough,who weeps on his empty birthdays,who weeps into my heart.I tell her I am notContinue reading ““The eyes of my mother” – Nayana Nair”

“The Saving Business” – Nayana Nair

Ages ago, I did a course of 48 hours on saving people(as if saving was that easy).There were lots of questions, none that I could answer truthfully.I sat through confessions, lot of confessions.I sat there distancing myself from everything I had the potential to be-the one who clutched her handkerchief too tight,the one whose gazeContinue reading ““The Saving Business” – Nayana Nair”