“My Time” – Nayana Nair

With you my time doesn’t go forward, doesn’t go back, doesn’t stop, doesn’t pass. My time, like yours, turns around on itself, again and again, till it becomes layers of repeated confessions warming our hearts.

“Throw Myself”- Nayana Nair

There was no breath left to let out as I throw myself down the stairs. And every step that I tumble down, I feel breaking bones. Muscles and knuckles losing another bubble of a happy memory that I once thought would be enough to keep me alive. My broken thoughts rush into my blood intoContinue reading ““Throw Myself”- Nayana Nair”

“Flowers, skies and me” – Nayana Nair

I place myself in the center of room as you panic to pack up your stuff, being careful that nothing is left behind. There are flowers growing in the corners of the room that ask you to stay. There are green skies that we painted. There are flaws your and mine that decorate this wall.Continue reading ““Flowers, skies and me” – Nayana Nair”

Lyrics- “Guardian Angel” – Red Jumpsuit

(Image taken from guardianangel.in) When I see your smile Tears run down my face I can’t replace And now that I’m stronger I’ve figured out How this world turns cold And breaks through my soul And I know, I’ll find deep inside me I can be the one I will never let you fall I’llContinue reading “Lyrics- “Guardian Angel” – Red Jumpsuit”