“Reassurance”- Nayana Nair


How the loneliness
that was always my source of misery,
is my only reassurance
that no one will miss me
or know that I am gone.


  1. yuhublogger says:

    Is it reassuring that none will miss you when you’re gone??? Really?? In a world where everyone is rushing to make a mark, here is a brilliant line that totally contradicts it. But is it true? I guess a person can feel this way only when he/she is absolutely depressed.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      I think such feelings can be momentary. I can’t speak for everyone, but I agree with you that most of us would like to be remembered. But sometimes as a result of situation or negativity seeping into their heart, one can think of such things. But mostly such thoughts don’t last long. At least I hope that life tried to back everyone who reaches that point.

      1. yuhublogger says:

        I hope so too. Well said.

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