“Lucky” – Nayana Nair


I cannot digest
all that I read and find to be true.
Some portion of every beautiful art
hurts my heart.
All the tragedies and even forgettable bruises
could have been a play set under crimson bloodied skies
but they are not.
They happen in spaces that looks like the one
we might have passed through unknowingly.
They happen under the smiling sun
to people
who are supposed to read depressing statistics in magazines
and tell themselves that they are fine as long as
they are lucky by comparison.


  1. cindy knoke says:

    So sad and so true.

  2. Chiru says:

    Good one.. Not every true fact gives us satisfaction..

  3. thedopehope says:

    So true.. there is so much more happening all around us all the time which might never come in records that we know nothing of, we are more than lucky to to escape it every time until it gets us

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