“There is still something similar to a heart in him” – Nayana Nair


There was once
something similar to a heart
trapped under his breathing flesh.
You remember that stage of wood –
the house of stories in skin,
that used to be hidden away
at the end of a road so narrow
that one could reach its door on knees.
His heart was that place
before it found a new real way to sing of ends.
Do you remember
the night of immense light three years ago-
the night of mad faith,
the burning of glazed wood,
the men who could only speak of hauntings,
of the cold breeze that lived under their skin
as they sought truth and reality
by burning the rest away.
He still repeats those words in his sleep,
those songs that are not really his,
the songs that should have never
been put to words.
Forgive him
or better ignore him,
for he is not entirely here.
A part of him is still burning somewhere.
A part of him is still trying
to survive the death of his world.


  1. Sometimes there are things stored in the mind that always resurface. Why after all these years do I remember some childhood incidents so clearly?

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      I feel the same. Though my memory is really bad, to the extent I don’t remember half of my life. But there are always these small small incidents that remain in me as if they just happened yesterday. Sometimes they might be the most trivial moment and yet one remembers the light, the wind, that space so vividly. Sometimes I am grateful or am amazed at the moments that my brain randomly chose to preserve, for sometimes one realizes the preciousness and joy of that trivial moment only in hindsight. While other times I am traumatized again and again with the memories that repeat like a nightmare, the worst moments lived with new pain.

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